Best Ways to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Best Ways to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Can you make money blogging along with turning your own personal passions, knowledge, or expertise into a true income on the internet?

Close to a decade after the Wall Street meltdown, most people are still finding it hard to recover past losses and make ends meet. Fewer and fewer people can rely on continuous, lifelong labour, and for people who are so blessed, the salary and benefits (if any) are barely enough to fulfill our basic needs.

Second job, anyone? In the usa, two-income families are the norm, but think of the chaos it wrecks on your daily life. You’re so tired by the time you get home from work, you barely have enough energy and time to generate dinner and help the kids out with their homework. That becomes hard if you operate at more than one place, whether evenings or on weekends.

It’s no surprise that an increasing number of people are looking for information about how to start an online business to generate extra income (or perhaps full-time income) on the internet.

The Internet has created blogging mainstream, to the point where there could be over half a billion sites online as you read this report. While income generation is not the only motive (or even the very best reason) to blog, opportunities do exist for individuals to create supplemental income with a site.

If you are new to blogging or have only recently begun a site, congratulations!

I am hoping your main purpose is to provide valuable content for your readers since that’s how you will establish expert status in your niche in the long term.

However, there is nothing wrong with making some excess money through blogging and many simple methods exist for getting the ball rolling.

It should go without saying that in order to make money with a site it is ideal to start off by choosing a lucrative niche market; something where there is an established marketplace that intersects with your passions, interests, and expertise.

As soon as you’ve done that, it’s only an issue of getting website traffic, building your email subscriber list, and making money online via any of these proven techniques outlined below.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense might be the fastest and easiest way for a beginner to start earning passive income with a blog. The fundamental notions behind Adsense is that you can display Google Ads in your own website and when a visitor clicks on these ads you receive a percentage of the advertising expenses.

Adsense is a contextual advertising network that places partner (business) advertisements on your website. It’s easy to set up –all you need to do is copy and paste some code provided to you out of Google in the areas you would like the ads to appear on your own website. Google will then reveal advertisements from advertisers that are a match to this content on your own website so that ideally your site visitors are seeing pertinent ads.

Getting Started with Google Adsense

Don’t worry that your blog market won’t be able to draw quality ads to your website. Google Adsense is one of the largest networks online, which means you should get a healthy enough collection of clickable sites to attract your own readership.

Just make sure your content is of the maximum quality!

Though Adsense is a popular option, I think that affiliate information marketing is also an excellent way to earn nearly passive income online.

Amazon Associates is the long recognized in-house affiliate program run by Seattle-based–the largest online retailer in the world today. It offers bloggers the opportunity to make commissions by advertising Amazon products on your own website–provided visitors click-through from your site to and make a purchase.

The simple idea with Amazon Associates is you’re able to get a tracking link that’s unique to you that links to any product offered on If someone clicks on the link on your blog and return to Amazon and buys the item, you’re credited with the purchase.

There are many ways you can market Amazon products on your website. You could include a product catalogue (pulled from on your blog, you can write product reviews and link to the products you advocate on Amazon, and you may have a recommended resources page on your website; just to name a couple.

The 1 thing about Associates is that it probably suits bloggers that write about merchandising, retail products and shopping a reasonable bit. Logically, it is going to help your performance if visitors arrive at your site already predisposed to buying.

The program operates by getting Amazon links, banner ads, or widgets (e.g. slideshows, ‘My Favorites’, ‘ ‘Wish List Widget’) on your own pages.

One additional advantage is that if a person clicks a link from your website to Amazon and ends up buying many items (not only the item you’re promoting) then you’d receive credit for the whole sale!

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As I mentioned previously, among my favourite ways to earn money on the internet is by promoting electronic information products as an affiliate.

The same as is a market of bodily good sold on the internet; there are also marketplaces of digital products sold on the internet too.

Among the most popular digital merchandise marketplaces is You can search the Clickbank market for product related to your marketplace and encourage them on your website, write product reviews, etc..

Just like with Amazon, if someone clicks on the link and return and buys the product you are promoting, you would find a commission to get a percentage of the sale.

One attractive feature of promoting electronic information goods is that the commissions have a tendency to be higher than that of physical goods; ranging anywhere from 10% to 50% or even higher.


Create E-books and Information Products

Regular blogging is the best training ground for creating e-books, still among the most well-known sorts of information goods being sold by online entrepreneurs today.

Consider your sites as “free” information which you offer to readers to demonstrate your experience. With time, they become your lovers and are ready for more in-depth content. This is your opportunity to generate money–by presenting your e-books for sale alongside your free blog.

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Just make sure the e-book builds on your blog output–don’t simply rehash what they have seen! After all, these individuals are currently paying clients and will get upset with old information. Later on, as you become more recognized and your archived material becomes more extensive, survey your readers to learn what topics they would be interested in learning more about and possibly what topics of e-books they would be interested in purchasing.

Observe that I avoided putting a specific dollar figure on the amount you’ll be able to make from blogging. It will come down to a own work ethic, your abilities as a writer, your capacity to generate targeted visitors, and plain old good fortune. It’s somewhat like baseball: everybody played as a kid, only a small fraction make it to college ball, an even smaller number be professional, but just the cream of the crop makes it to the majors.

You have to choose where in the blogging “big leagues” you wish to wind up.

The fact is that as an increasing number of people from all over the world come online, the harder it will become to get focus online and generate income. That is why it’s essential to focus on building your email list, so you can follow up with your visitors, construct a relationship and increase sales.

That being said, there are an infinite number of success stories out there, and the formula for success is surprisingly simple. It’s just up to you to get it done!


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