Save your #Money on WebHosting Renevals


Web hosting is just one of the vital investments which every blogger has to make every month to conduct their self-hosted WordPress blog. The cost rises substantially when you proceed to handled WordPress hosting, VPS or a dedicated hosting server.

Every time a brand new blogger chooses the first actions to prepare a self-hosted blog, he is frequently unaware of the costs involved with hosting. Often a new blogger might wind up buying hosting at unnecessarily high cost (and with no reduction). Even if he can get discounted hosting, the cost of renewal is excessively high when the time comes to renew.

In today’s article, I’ll share with you a few essential tips that will allow you to save money on your hosting renewal. Some of those ideas could be of use from day one of your initial hosting purchase.

Others may be used when your hosting period is about to expire, and you have to cover the renewal.

How to save on hosting Delivery invoices:

A number of you’re considering your first purchase of a hosting service, and others are taking a look at a renewal of your hosting accounts. For this reason, I’ll be careful to point out various procedures which will fit either scenario and will allow you to conserve your money whether you are just starting out or renewing your service.

Please be aware this manual is for shared hosting only, but will also work for almost any other hosting plans you may be searching for, such as managed WordPress hosting, VPS or dedicated.

For the purchase of brand new hosting:

If you are just about to buy a hosting package on your blog, this is the right time to save cash for your long-term. Usually, when you purchase hosting from some of the hosting businesses, you can readily locate discount vouchers. We also have a dedicated department sharing discounts on popular hosting companies here.

One mistake that most of the beginners make is they purchase hosting for one year only, then the subsequent year they are faced with having to pay in total for their hosting renewal.

Rarely is there a discount voucher available for renewals, therefore opting to purchase service for over one year at the time of your initial purchase will save you money in the long term.

So — once you create the first purchase, you have the choice to purchase hosting for more than one year. It’s a good idea to buy your hosting from a trusted company, and buy a package for a couple of years. I have purchased hosting from Bluehost coupon for 3 years at the cost of $3.95/month, which saved me a great deal of cash in the long run.

That’s right away a savings of 84, which can be considerable when you purchase 2-3 hosting packages for numerous sites.

Now let’s look at Siteground hosting, in particular, their “grow large” plan. Siteground offers a maximum potential 60 percent off your first bill using this special connection, and again no discount on renewal.

So, this is 1 way to conserve cash by purchasing your web hosting to get a longer term, thus getting a much better hosting reduction. The 1 issue with this strategy is the fact that you’re stuck using the exact same hosting for a protracted period. I usually use this technique for my little niche sites.

  • Bluehost Discount connection: ($3.95/month hosting)

This is the next technique that you are able to use whenever that your renewal is due. This technique will let you save money on your own hosting renewal invoice.

When your hosting term is about to perish, you may register to get a hosting package from an alternative hosting firm, and transfer your websites. A great part of this transition is how some businesses like Siteground offer free migration, which means you don’t even have to worry about tech hassles.

In general, moving a WordPress site isn’t very difficult, and you are able to refer to this manual to learn how to move a WordPress site between any hosting firms.

This way you will end up saving an excellent $20-$40 every year. This approach is preferred by those that are technically knowledgeable and don’t mind changing hosting companies, but I propose the prior method for users who are less technically oriented.

Request your hosting company to get a discount:

This strategy will work with almost every hosting firm. Maintaining a client is your priority for any hosting firm, and if your hosting duration is about to expire, you can ask your hosting sales staff to get a reduction on your own renewal.

You could just say:

“I am getting a good discount on (title of competing for hosting service), and I’d like to save some money. The renewal with you will cost me $120, but when I move my site to X hosting, then I will save $50. I was hoping I could get a discount on renewal, as I would love to stay with youpersonally, and at the exact same time I want to appreciate my hard-earned money”

This might or may not work, depending upon the policy of a hosting company. But, if you if you ask in the right way, you might well wind up getting a good discount. Otherwise, you could always fall back on method # 2!

Do you have any extra methods to share that are helpful with the goal of saving money on web hosting bills?