Ultimate Managed WordPress Hosting (Get Deep Insights)

Are you wishing to move to handled WordPress hosting? If you have been utilizing shared hosting but find it no longer powerful enough for you website, this post is for you.

I’ve talked before about the way shared hosting is best to get a new blog. But as your site traffic grows, you need to consider upgrading your hosting. Shared hosts can not handle quite high traffic sites, which means you’ll need to move up.

All the way back in 2008, I began ShoutMeLoud on cheap shared DreamHost hosting. But as ShoutMeLoud climbed, I knew I had to update my website’s hosting to keep everything running smoothly.

That’s why I eventually made the switch into managed WordPress hosting. I transferred through a few managed hosts before I found Kinsta, which is where I currently host ShoutMeLoud. Kinsta is decidedly one of the best managed WordPress hosts, however I’ll also list several other good ones in the end of this post.

If you are a newbie, I believe you can go with a cheap WordPress host. If your blog is beginning to acquire some traffic, though, you should definitely consider handled WordPress hosting.

Before I tell you the best hosts, I need to share a little about everything you should expect from a great managed WordPress host.

What do the best handled WordPress hosts offer?

It goes without saying that handled WordPress hosting should look after all the technical aspects of hosting your WordPress website. This lets you focus on doing the fun stuff like creating content and promoting your blog.

The best-managed hosting should do over that, though. Here’s what I looked for when I had been picking the best-managed WordPress hosting company:

I have discussed the finest WordPress caching plugins before, but when you opt for a good handled WordPress server, they will do caching at the server level. This is the very best form of caching. Using server-level caching, you won’t even need to install a plugin to turn your blog as quickly as possible.

Excellent support for any problems

If you’re paying for handled WordPress hosting, you have a right to expect really excellent support. All the managed hosts I put on the record have 24/7 support from WordPress experts. That means if you ever encounter any issues, you can contact your host and instantly get assistance from a committed WordPress expert.

Espresso areas so that you don’t violate your site

Here is why staging places are important for bloggers:

They let you test out changes to your site before you make them in your live website.

Therefore, if you would like to bring a new plugin, or try out a new theme, you are able to do all the set up on your staging area and then just apply the changes to your website if you are delighted with everything.

It’s a really good trick for making modifications easily. Most shared providers do not supply this support, so this is definitely something special you receive when you purchase hosting.

Daily automatic backups

It can be quite stressful when all of the content you’ve worked so tough to create is wiped out due to a technical matter. Think of how damaging it would be to eliminate all of your website’s information and need to try to recreate everything.

Having backups is absolutely essential for your WordPress site.

Having a great managed WordPress host, you’ll never need to worry about it. All the hosts on this listing will back up your site every day so that your information is always safe. Not only will it be backed up, but if you have any issues, it is easy to restore to a previous day’s backup when all worked fine.

This is a superb attribute for peace of mind from knowing your data is always safe no matter what occurs.

Great safety so you never get hacked

Because of how hot the WordPress system is, hackers simply love targeting WordPress websites. It is sad, but it’s true.

That’s why I chose managed hosts that go above and beyond protect your site from hackers. All these hosts will scan for malware, protect you from DDoS attacks, and await intrusions. With shared hosts, you need to rely on yourself for security. But managed WordPress hosts will do all of the small things to keep your site safe.

The best managed WordPress hosting suppliers

So now that you know the things I search for in a good managed host, here is my list of the best WordPress managed hosts to your high ranking blog.

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They assembled their hosting plans specially to make heavy duty WordPress sites run quickly. This makes sure your website runs fast.

As popular as ShoutMeLoud is now, I can still get page load times under 1 second using Kinsta hosting.

Their support is also top-notch. As soon as I moved ShoutMeLoud to Kinsta, I had some problems with older plugins not working with PHP 7, also that the Kinsta CEO even stepped in to assist. That is dedication to offering great support.

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Kinsta also has other great features such as:

  • Unlimited visits — some other managed hosts cost you per trip.
  • Data centers on three distinct continents so it’s possible to pick the location that’s ideal for you.
  • Daily & on request automated backups
  • Security — multiple firewalls and security scans to keep your website secure
  • Easy-to-use staging place
  • Competitive pricing

Speaking of pricing, here’s what you can expect to pay at Kinsta:

I’m on their company 4 strategy with custom pricing. An advantage for being their early customer.

As you can see below, I enjoy Kinsta so much that I prepaid for a year of service back in May:

From personal experience, I can definitely state that Kinsta is a leading handled WordPress host. You can read a detailed review of Kinsta hosting here.


WPEngine is just another really popular managed host. One nice thing about them is they offer you a less expensive plan than Kinsta. I have had some trouble with them in years past but I understand a good deal of different people that are happy with them.

If your site isn’t large enough to want Kinsta’s power, you can go with a few of WPEngine’s strategies to still receive a great deal of the benefits of managed WordPress hosting while still paying less money.

WPEngine’s cheapest plan starts at $29 a month for one WordPress site and allows up to 25,000 visits per month. If your site is still getting less than 25,000 visits, then it is a good affordable alternative.

All WPEngine’s hosting plans include helpful features like:

  • Constructed caching. WPEngine has their own Evercache technology to Accelerate your website
  • Espresso regions
  • Backups and more straightforward restore points
  • Security scans
  • Pro support

Keep in mind that all their plans charge you per trip, unlike Kinsta who permits unlimited visits. That is why I only recommend WPEngine hosting for sites that receive nicely under 25,000 visits per month. Otherwise, you’re in danger of being hit with big overage charges such as I did.

Here Is What WPEngine’s plans price:



Page.ly is a great managed WordPress host that allows you to get unlimited visits to your website such as Kinsta.

They have seven distinct plans which makes it effortless to decide on the one which’s ideal for you. Just be sure you pick one which gives you enough bandwidth, or you may always add more bandwidth as you need.

All Page.ly’s plans have these basic features:

Page.ly’s cheapest plan is $99 per month, which sets them in a similar price range as Kinsta.

Pressdium is a good alternative for entry-level bloggers who still have a restricted budget. Remember that, like with WPENgine, you are limited by visits once you host with Presidium.

Their plans all include these features:

If your site gets beneath 30,000 visits per month, Presidium is a great, affordable option.

Check out Pressidium hosting

A few other good options

I Believe the ones I listed above would be the best, however if you’re still interested in some more choices, here’s a quick list of some other great handled WordPress hosts:

Which host should you pick?

It’s always difficult to give a recommendation as your decision should depend on your exact website. I think you need to try and stay with shared hosting so long as you can. You get amazing support, fast speeds, and boundless visits.

Regardless of what, you’ll need to think about your own needs as they apply to matters like pricing, features, visits, support, and scalability.

Perhaps you have used these managed WordPress hosts? Which is your favorite? I’d really like to hear your experiences in the comments.

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